Artwork Specifications

We’re more than happy to accept your artwork from our list of trusted applications, however, we would like to set a few ground rules to make both our lives easier & to ensure that you get the most from your print.

Document & Document size

All artwork should be set at 1/4 size of the final output size where possible.

Banner stands Banners & Posters
These should be set up as single page documents allowing additional print area for any header or footer required (see document spec for your display)

the should be set up as quarter size documents as spreads. Ensure that small elements like text etc. do not go over the page breaks.

Image Resolution, Size & Scanning

Images should be scanned at a minimum 400dpi when artwork is set at 1/4 size. Your should NOT use the images within your layout above 110% of the original size as pixilization may occur.

Colour - CMYK & Pantone

Our printers output colour as CMYK to achieve the best results it’s best to convert any artwork which uses RGB, Duo tones or Pantone colour to CMYK for optimum results.

We are able, in most cases, to try to match specific pantone colours, however, this will incurs an extra cost.

Accepted File Formats

We accept ‘print ready artwork’ in many different formats:Quark Xpress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Jpegs & HiRes PDF's

NB We do not accept print ready artwork from Microsoft Word, Powerpoint & Publisher as they give very poor print results. We find that embedded pictures and logos usually give exceptionally poor print quality. If you'd like to provide your layout in one of these application we will more than happy to give your a quote for resetting it.


For those supplying their own artwork we’ll need either a PDF or a hard copy colour proof to match against when the artwork is supplied, without a hard copy proof we will be unable to check colour. If you’d prefer us to help with your artwork we will always provide you with a full set of proofs, either as a pdf or set of laser prints, which are included in your quote. You should check the content carefully paying particular attention to unique information.

Remember that on Screen & laserprinted proofs & should not be relied on for accurate colour. If the output colour is critical we’d recommend a small printed sample on the output media before we proceed, there is a small charge for this sample.

We will NOT proceed without a proof of your artwork, supplied either as a pdf or hard copy.


Whether your using TrueType or Postscript make sure that they are either embedded within the artwork, converted to outline or that all parts of them are supplied to us for output.


Allow for 5–10mm bleed at final size


A tricky subject best left to the experts!

However a word of warning DO NOT set white objects to Overprint within your artwork this will show the background image & loose your desire effect. Without a hard copy proof we will not be able to check the results you're after.