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T3 lite is our newest stand system and gives a real stepping stone between standard shell schemes and more complex stand systems. T3 Lite has been designed specifically to fulfil the need for a lightweight framing system capable of carrying many kinds of panels and graphics. The key components of the system are a tube and a connector which join together with a brilliantly simple patented, twist-lock action. No tools are required.

Rollable graphic panels similar to those used on pop-systems can be attached to T3 tube profile using either magnetic or hook and loop tape. Rigid graphic panels & fabric panels are also suitable for this system

The Benefits of T3:

  • Quick and easy to work with - rigid and flexible panels are easily attached using a number of different methods, such as magnetic tape, velcro® or even screws.
  • Load bearing and very stable – T3 easily supports plasma screens and heavy display items.
  • Create doors and other features - flat, curved or sliding doors are easily created out of T3 Airframe and fitted into the structure.
  • Easy and inexpensive to transport - the system is very compact and will breakdown into a small volume.
  • Immensely versatile - the system can be reconfigured into a vast number of different structures and used over and over again.
  • The complete "exhibition stand in a box" experience - a full range of accessories is available making it easy to assemble complete kits.


We offer a range of standard kits designed specifically for generic shell spacing
or can create bespoke design tailored to suit your individual requirements. Please call for more details.


Smart designs, simple to use; maximum impact for minimum effort! Once you use T3 Lite you’ll never look back.

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